CMM Inspection

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) provide advanced ways of measuring dimensions on parts. Often, they are the only way to measure Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances (GD&T). As a full-service machine shop, Hardy Machine uses CMM inspection in the course of manufacturing parts and uses that expertise for third-party inspection as well.

​As our facility has grown, so have our capabilities. We now offer:

  • Brown & Sharp Global Performance 12-22-10 - 47" x 86" x 39". A touch-trigger probe system running on air bearings. Runs PC-DMIS software allowing CAD import, custom report formatting, and graphics view. Automation allows for unattended inspection.

  • Brown & Sharp CMM One - 24" x 40" x 25". A touch-trigger probe system running on mechanical bearings. Also runs on PC-DMIS.

  • Faro Gage Arm - Portable CMM allowing inspections over parts up to 48" long. Can be used in-process for machining and allows for inspection in hard-to-reach geometries.

  • Leica Laser Tracker

  • Zeiss Surfcom Contour Gage


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