Precision Machining Services

Hardy Machine & Design has a 15,000 sq. ft. fully air-conditioned shop floor in Houston, which allows to provide you with a wide variety of precision machining services. These include:
Precision Turning


Our facility has 14 CNC lathes and 6 conventional horizontal engine lathes of various sizes. These lathes range from 2" to 45" chuck sizes with bed lengths up to 160" long. This allows us to handle small pieces of less than 0.25" diameter up to 45" diameter sizes.



Horizontal Milling


Our Houston facility has two CNC horizontal mills, both with full 4-axis capabilities. The Daewoo H80 is a dual-pallet machine with 32"x32" tables. The Haas EC1600 has a single 64"x30" table for longer parts.


Vertical Milling


Our facility has 4 CNC vertical mills, ranging from 40" to 120" long. All have full 4-axis capabilities. The 80" and 120" bed length machines allow us to mill large plates and ball screws, as well as place multiple setups on a single table. We also have several bridgeport manual mills to handle any fixturing and prototyping required.



3, 4, & 5 Axis Programming

​We use GibbsCAM software to program our CNC machines offline through a variety of controllers. Currently, we post to Fanuc, Haas, and Fagor controllers.


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